Join Us.

Why should I join ?

The reasons for joining are many and varied essentially, if you can give a little of your spare time, want to help serve the community and the less fortunate than yourselves, and want to join other like-minded people and extend your social life. Why not join the Lions.
We also have many social activities. BBQs, dances dinners etc and your partners can play a full in our activities if they wish

What does it cost to be a member of the Lions and what is the time commitment ?

The subscription charges are under £1 per week. There is a business meeting every month and we like members to attend if possible, If work or personal commitments come up then that is not a problem. As far as our activities and fund raising are concerned how much time you can give is up to the individual. Retired Lions can spend more time getting involved but this could be less for lions in full time Jobs.

How do I Join ?

Membership is by invitation, In our Club you will usually be invited to join once you have attended a few meetings (this is to get to know you and let you see what you are letting yourself in for) You can be male or female, any age and dont have to have any particular standing in the community.

If you would like to fine out more to help our local community please contact Colin Rickman on 0845 8339895  or email

Join the Lions