Thank you for your donation to Selsey & District Lions Club’s Christmas Float Collection. Lions Club International is the World’s largest service organisation, with over 1.4 million members.

The Lions Club of Selsey & District has approximately 20 members and collects money via various fundraising events throughout the year.

Over 90% of our donations are to local charities and organisations.

Listed below are some of the charities and organisations that we have donated to in the last 12 months: 

Christmas Carol Float Routes 2018


SUN 2ND 5.00PM

Manor Road, Mountwood Road, Broomfiled Road, Elm Tree Close (+cul-de-sacs),

Manor Road, Grafton Rd (up to Grove Rd), James Street, Chayle Gardens, Western Road.


Mundham and Runcton area.


Beach Road, Marrisfield Place, Kingsway, Albion Road, Sunnymead Drive & Close.


Church Road, St. Peters Crescent, Wellington Gardens, Malthouse Road (+cul-de-sacs),

High Street, East Street, North Road, Netherton Close.

FRI  7TH 5.30PM

Merryfield Drive, Burlington Gardens, Tretawn Gardens, Constable Drive,

Gainsborough Drive, Landseer Drive, Hannover Close, Lingfield Way, Littlefield Close.

SUN 9TH 5.00PM

Manor Farm Close, Chichester Road, Hunisett Close, Millington Drive, Fidler Close,

Petts Close, Robinson Close.

TUES 11th 5.30PM

Marine Drive, Broad View, Eastway / Bank, Fontwell  Rd, Gillway, Chichester Way.

WEDS 12TH 5.30PM 

Hunston: Foxbridge Drive, St. Leodegars Way, Orchard Side, Westlands Road,

Little Boultons. (For Safety Reasons there will be no collections on the B2145 main road)

FRI 14T:H 5.30PM

Ursula Square & Avenue, Seal Road & Square, Mariner Gardens, Hillfield Rd, Bridge Way, Peachy Road,

Green Lane, Meadowlands, Latham Road, Langton Close, High Street, Bridleway, Croft Way.

SUN 16TH 5.00PM

Grafton Rd (from Grove Rd), Lifeboat Way, Coxswain Way, Wright Way, Barnes Close, Canadian Crescent, Pacific Way, Jones Square, Beacon Drive, Lawrence Close, Mixon Close, Sparshott Rd, Pennycord Close.

MON 17TH 5.30PM

Sidlesham Area

TUE 18TH 5.30PM

East beach Rd, Drift Rd, Solar Drive, Tranquillity way, Lunar Crescent, Orbit Gardens,  

Halley View, Jordell Place, Wheatfield Rd, Manor Lane.

WEDS 19TH 5.30PM

West Street (+ cul-de-sacs), Bonnar Road, Clayton Road, Seagrove, Vincent Road,

Coxes Road, Warner Road.

THURS  20TH 5.30PM

Bill House, Byways, Solent Way, Seal Road, York Road, Tythe Barn Road, Green Lane,

Windsor Road, Grove Road, Orchard Avenue, Southern Road, Longacre (Beaufield),

Woodlands Road, Beach Gardens, Cherry Gardens, Ursula / St. Itha Road.

FRI 21ST 5.30 PM 

Old Farm Road, Spinney Close, Granary Lane, Mc. Nair Close, Honeysuckle Lane,

Blackberry Lane, Donaldson Close, Colt Street, Acorn Close, Horsefield Road,

Coppice Lane, Saddle Lane, Paddock Lane, Horseshoe, Large Acres, Crablands.


SAT 1ST  High Street

SAT  9TH East Beach


SAT 22nd High Street.